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Water Safe

The main source of pollution resulting from the industrialization is the hydrocarbon and its derivatives. Uncontrolled pollution caused by the use of petroleum and petrochemical materials, damages the waters, the air and the soil.
Our AyDo™ SIW Water Cleaning System are designed to clean water contaminated with industrial or domestic wastes in our tea, creek, river, lake, pond, lagoon, pool and conduits in villages, districts and settlement areas, to remove odor, to encapsulate heavy metals, removal of suspended and floating metals, precipitation of metals, decomposition of hydro-carbon compounds and removal of contaminated water areas.
The AyDo™ SIW Water Cleaning System is responsible for encapsulating, isolating and converting all kinds of harmful organic pollution in polluted water or polluted air. The system decomposes the hydrocarbon molecules in the contaminated water into C2H5 radicals, transforms them into amines and alkaloids, coagulates them in white clouds and precipitates the bottoms.
Its pores are opened and begin to interact naturally with the expanding water, air and sun. As the pH stabilized carbon encapsulation in water, penetration into the depth of solar heat, oxygen input and output are continuous, the heat is not blocked on the surface and the tendency of pollution is getting out of the way.

















We have only one Planet,
There are no spare part,
Please protect your Planet...
Ayhan Doyuk