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Environmental solution for Snow and Ice problem


Weather on these days in the planet is getting more and more unpredictable and each season is reaching the points of perturbation, which are completely out of control by human beings.

Each season has its particular behavior that human beings had been managing until the present moment with success in order to get comfort and security for human beings, and certain security for the regular functioning of the city systems of life.

But many new changes in the planet, introduced by the too controversial pollution, are not leaving beside the factor of “ changes in the weather”. Even more, they are intimately related with it, and hydrocarbon pollution is causing not only this big perturbation in all climates around the world, but also causing very big problems when season like winter comes to the cities.

 In the regular cycle of nature snow comes and goes in a natural rhythm of flux and reflux, and nature “knows” how to deal with it. It is the time when Earth is sleeping and recuperating itself for the renewing and re-flourishing during the springtime.

But in the living system created by humankind, snow is a big problem, since it is blocking or interrupting regular communications, roads, houses, water systems, electric power, traffic, etc.

Until the present moment to resolve this problem, salt or some other chemical products are spread on the snow to melt it. After that, we have secondary effects like:

-       Melted snow blended with these products, plus the contamination and dirtiness in the cities is damaging clothes and shoes

-       Same blend is penetrating to the lower side of cars, accelerating the corrosion process.

And at the end the result is that the problem was only partially resolved and additionally new ones appear. But was the only thing available at hand until this moment.

Now we are offering a real solution which is resolving these different problems explained before and performing in a way completely friendly for humans and for environment as well.


  1. On streets, roads, highways during wintertime when snow is blocking the regular traffic in cities and inter-cities.
  2. On iced sidewalks during wintertime in the cities.
  3. On another areas where snow or ice need to be removed.
  4. On cars during wintertime when snow or ice are covering them and sometimes panting and glasses are been damaged when snow or ice are removed.



  • All problems caused by snow or ice blockage can be resolved without the use of chemical products that are polluting the environment.
  • When snow or ice is melted with our Snow Safe Formula, the resultant is pure water that can goes anywhere without polluting or producing any contaminating agents.
  • Snow or ice melted on the streets after using our Snow Safe System is additionally helping to decontaminate the prior sediment contamination on the streets as dust. This dust in cities in mainly produced by the hydrocarbon pollution falling down from the atmosphere once the weight of the hydrocarbon molecules ( by the compaction between them) reach the sufficient level to be attracted by the gravity or once they are precipitated on Earth by rain or snow fall.
  • All this dusty pollution coming from hydrocarbon is transformed into bio-nutrients by breaking down of the molecular bonds. So, the resultant of the blend between this pollution, snow or ice melted and our formula, is fertilized water, which is going to the city drainages irrigating healthily all lands and soils where it goes.
  • The pollution coming from biological sources is there “frozen” in the snow, and as soon as it is melted, then viruses, microbes and bacteria are free again. The encapsulation process with our Snow Safe Formula eliminated this kind of pollution.
  • During wintertime, snow or ice in cities is keeping inside all pollution coming from chemical or inorganic compounds. The encapsulation process isolates this kind of pollution, and then it is rendered harmless.
  • Besides the transformation, encapsulation or elimination processes, depending on the nature of pollution, a final wonderful aspect to be considered is the possibility to have a real clean cities, which in wintertime become dirties or at least the dirtiness is remarkable in contrast with the snow. The snow in cities in not white anymore; it is a brownish component after the melting process when chemical products or salt is being used. With our Snow Safe System, we can say that our cities can be “washed” in wintertime with the same snow that before was a big problem.
  • All side effects like metal corrosion, deterioration of materials ( leather and fabrics), and deterioration of the environment when salt or chemical products are used, are completely eliminated. The use of Snow Safe System is clean, safe, protective and friendly for the environment, humans, animals and plants.

       Ayhan Doyuk
CEO / President & Founder





We have only one Planet,
There are no spare part,
Please protect your Planet...
Ayhan Doyuk